Wind Wagon Astrakan

In the mid 1800´s millions of people followed the western trail across the vast american landscape. Their hopes stood for a better life in California and Oregon. But to get there they had to endure tremendous hardships when crossing the open plains. Some brave men tried to make the crossing easy by sailing. Legendary men as Wind Wagon Tomas and Wind wagon Smith offered passenger rides in their “Prairie Clippers”. But it was more disaster than succes. When the wind was up the wagons reached frightening speed. Not able to manouver they crashed in creaks or got caught by twisters.


JB Riggers was in charge of the design and construction of a Wind Wagon larger than ever built. It was a vision taking form of how a great project could look at that time. Construction was made authentic historic in 1900th century style, exept Wheels and steering where made with more recent teqnique in order to improve performance.


The Wind Wagon is a tribute to all the millions of people who marched the Western Trail.


The wind wagon sailed succesfully in Black Rock dessert, Nevada august-september 2012


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