L´Hermione, la fregate de la Liberte

“L´Hermione” was the name of the famous frigate that marquis Lafayette sailed to America 1880. On Lafayettes initiative France sent armed forces to support George Washington and the revolution against the british colonialists. The french support was vital for the denouement of the war for freedom.


The Hermione-replica is being built in Rochefort, Charente Maritime. Keel was laid in 1997 and the ship yard is open to public.


JB Riggers is in charge of design and production of rigging and deckware. It is also JB Riggers responsibility to teach and train the crew who will sail the ship


March 2015 the new “Hermione” will sail to USA to recreate the historic voyage. Up until then JB Riggers will be busy constructing the most beautiful and seaworthy 18th century rig possible.


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