East India Man Götheborg

2nd October 1745 the Swedish East India Man “Gotheborg” ran aground outside Gothenburg. She was returning from her third voyage to China, but just 900 meters from the anchorage the ship hit a well known rock and foundered. What caused this accident is still a mysterious secret.


In mid 80s a group of marine archeologists started excavating the ship. The idea came up to bulid a replica and sail her the historical trade route to China.


In 1994 the keel of the new Gotheborg was laid. Jens Langert and Bjorn Ahlander were in charge of the design and production of masts and spars, standing and running rigging, iron work, sails, deck layout, rudder and steering equipment.


All jobs where performed using 99% traditional materials and techniques.


*During the ships voyages, to China and back and in european waters Jens Langert sailed onboard in the capacity of rigging master / bosun. Over 2000 persons has learned sailing and 18th century handicraft onboard the ship.


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