Welcome to JB Riggers


My name is Jens Langert. I am a sailor, rigger and designer of historic ships. I work within a network of professional craftsmen such as carpenters, blacksmiths, sail makers, rope makers, naval architects and
off course, sailors! We are all driven by passion and love for sailing ships and history.



Based on historical research, experience from ship building and sailing I aim for ultimate solutions adapted to modern requirements on safety, elegance and longevity. Besides rigging I work as an illustrator and designer in various fields.

Material sourcing


Is probably the trickiest part for historic ships, especially when it comes to natural fibres for ropes such as hemp, flax and manila. Since natural fibre ropes has been “out of style” for some decades there is today a lot of cheating out there on the market. Thanks to my developed test methods and record of analyses I can source the right qualities for rigging that last.

Selecting wood also requires great experience that we got. A network of special timber suppliers throughout Scandinavia provides us with the best available qualities for ships timber and spars.



The network structure enables us to adapt to every individual project and choose the best suitable suppliers and craftsmen. I quote a project in advance and stay within budget. Dialogue with maritime authorities and classification companies is also my field.

Practical rigging


Steel wire rigging, natural fibre rigging, synthetics, steel fittings, wood spars. All works performed according to the highest maritime standards.



Lectures and workshops for education and inspiration.

Ongoing Projects